Young Christina Moure Fucks Johnny Sins In Public

September 9, 2010
Young Christina Moure Fucks Johnny Sins In Public3.753

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This public sex scene is Christina Moure’s only scene with Mofos, and they couldn’t have picked her a better stunt cock than the venerable Johnny Sins. The scene, filmed at a convenience store, opens with the owner of the store waiting for Christina to come in for her shift, and complaining that American girls are always late. This, along with the music selection and sound effects, make for a pretty funny moment. Christina finally shows up dressed in a school girl outfit, and after giving her a hard time for being late, he leaves her in charge of the store. Time passes – and she’s bored. She pulls out a nudie magazine and pulls aside her panties to play with her young pussy. Before she can really get going, Johnny comes in, stocking over his head, gun in hand, and tries to rob the store. But Christina has something up her sleeve – she’s got her own piece, and aims her back at Johnny. During the ensuing stand-off they realize they know each other, and confirm they used to be high school fuck buddies from back in the day. Johnny suggests they relive the good ole days, and fuck right then and there. It doesn’t take much to convince her, and they start making out. You ladies will be glad that Christina takes the stocking off his head cuz as hot as Johnny Sins is, he looked ridiculous in that thing. He takes off her pink polkadot bra and licks her sexy natural tits. Then he bends her over the counter and lifts up her skirt so he can see her pink polkadot panties, before he pulls them down her legs and off he, leaving her school girl skirt on of course. She’s got a nice tan body, including her ass, and he spreads her legs a bit so he can lick her pussy from behind. She moans with pleasure. And then he sticks one, no two, fingers up her pussy hole as she rubs her clit. He lifts her up on the counter and goes to town on her fully shaved pussy. He spreads her lips to show her pink, and then dives in again. She lies back with her bag of popcorn for a pillow, her eyes closed and moaning.

Then Christina says, “I want to suck your cock”. No argument from Johnny there. She unbuttons his jeans and pulls down his boxer briefs to suck on his already hard boner. She wraps her mouth and hand around his thick shaft, spits on the tip and and sucks him some more. The camera moves to a great POV angle where she looks up at us with those big brown eyes as her mouth is full of man meat. Then she asks Johnny the question every guy wants to hear, “So, how do you wanna fuck me?” The delight in his face is unmistakable, and he bends her over the counter and fucks her doggie style, grabbing her school girl skirt like a bridle. He fucks her into some loud moaning, as we get a great view from underneath the action, so we can see her sweet ass getting slammed. Finally, he unzips and takes off her skirt and she sits on top of a small refrigerator and leans back on the counter and spreads her legs wide for his massive dick, with one leg up on his shoulder. As they’re fucking, her hand grabs a button on the side of the counter (hmmmm…..I wonder what that button does….) but they are so into it neither of them notice. Johnny picks her up and they fuck like that for a while before laying down on the floor and she goes back to the blowjob, before getting on top of him and riding his enormous fuck stick cowgirl style. After a few more positions, they end up in a spooning position and plows her until he’s ready to cum. He stands up and unloads his man jizz into her mouth, and then she sucks it off his dick, cum dripping down her chin. Just then, a security guard slams open the door, gun drawn and tells them to get down on the floor (which they kinda already are). As we guessed, that button she pushed was the silent alarm. What’s hilarious is the guard seems totally unfazed to find two people fucking in a convenience store, and is more concerned about telling them he’ll have to take them downtown. That’s the end of the scene, and while it was unrealistic and predictable, it was still entertaining. Hey, at least they got to finish before being “caught”!

Throughout the scene Christina goes from loud moaning to hardly anything. At the end she gets pretty quiet and is looking like she is ready for the fucking to be over.

Christina Moure has some nice natural tits. Johnny Sins is, as always, a professional (oh, and he happens to have a huge dick too.) Great music at the beginning, and a unique location.

A fun sex scene at a public location, with some solid fucking, and great camera work and production. For you ladies (or guys trying to get their ladies to watch porn), Johnny Sins will not disappoint.
  • Score Breakdown
  • Quality of Sex20/25
  • Video Quality/Size21/25
  • Production Quality17/20
  • Acting7/10
  • Performer Looks8/10
  • Overall Entertainment8/10
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  • Members Area Description
  • Christina Moure hates working at the local convenience store because she does the night shift and it's always really boring. Tonight, things got a little more exciting though because a guy that initially wanted to rob the store turned out to be Johnny, an old good friend of hers. She got turned on with the whole situation and decided to fuck Johnny just like back in the days when they were fuck buddies.