Sasha Grey as a Vulcan Fucks Captain Kirk

April 1, 2010

This scene is a clip from the Hustler DVD parody of the original Star Trek series, “This Ain’t Star Trek”, and features two veteran porn stars, Sasha Grey and Evan Stone. The scene takes place in a transportation bay of the USS Enterprise, as the Vulcan Sasha Grey is beamed up to find Captain Kirk (played by Evan Stone) waiting for her. She starts to warn Captain Kirk about their guest on the spaceship, Khan, but then she is overcome by her sickness, FuckFuck, and asks the captain to fuck her now. Though the captain makes a comment that it’s not logical, he willingly complies. Right there in the beam up bay, they begin to ravish each other, Kirk taking our her perky natural tits to lick. Her skimpy silver dress is shoved out of the way, her spacey silver high heels stay on throughout the whole clip. The Vulcan Sasha drops his pants and starts sucking and deep throating his long space needle, making gagging and choking sounds over the constant hum of the spaceship’s engines. She takes his full long cock deep into her mouth as she looks up at him with her dark brown Vulcan eyes. As strings of her saliva stretch and drip between his dick and her tongue, she continues voraciously. The scene then fades to both of them laying down in a 69 position. She devours his meat stick as he slaps her ass while eating her Vulcan pussy.

Once she gets his dick hard and wet, she straddles him, squats down over his big boner and rides it as she moans with pleasure. After a session on the ground, where she seems to torment him into calling her a dirty fucking bitch, they stand things up and the Vulcan vixen puts her leg straight up resting on his chest as he slams his dick into her open pussy. Then she kneels back down, talking dirty and sucking his huge Captain’s Cock, her Vulcan ears moving with her head back and forth. He moves her back to the standing position for some more ramming. They look each other in the eyes as she continues to tell him to fuckin’ pound her pussy. The scene then fades to her laying back as he licks her pussy, her legs spread wide. She grabs his head and pushes into her pussy, moaning. They move to a spooning position, where she is biting on his finger and moaning loud. Then the scene shows them in a doggie style, as Evan Stone’s Kirk rams the Vulcan Sasha from behind. He fingers her asshole and spanks her as he plunges into her. She tells him to make her little fuckin’ pussy sore. All of a sudden the camera cuts to him shooting his huge load into her mouth. She licks up every drop, and Kirk asks her to tell him more about Khan….fade out/end scene. Good bye, beautiful Sasha Grey, until next time! Makes you want to watch some more “This Ain’t Star Trek” scenes, huh?

An abrupt transition to the cum shot at the end.

Some fine dirty talk from Ms. Sasha Grey, not to mention her impressive deep throat skills on such a large cock as Evan Stone’s. She’s makes for a gorgeous Vulcan – love the ears!

Star Trek fans and porn fans alike will enjoy this scene. It’s relatively short and to the point, with a unique location/theme and all the classic positions, great dirty talk, deep throat action, pussy slamming, and a big cum load in Sasha’s mouth at the end.
  • Score Breakdown
  • Quality of Sex22/25
  • Video Quality/Size20/25
  • Production Quality18/20
  • Acting8/10
  • Performer Looks9/10
  • Overall Entertainment8/10
  • Total85/100
  • Scene Facts
  • Scene NameThis Ain’t Star Trek XXX Sasha Grey
  • WebsiteHustler
  • NetworkHustler
  • Release Date05/26/09
  • PornstarsSasha Grey, Evan Stone
  • Scene TypeBoy/Girl
  • Cast Size1 female, 1 male
  • LocationSet, spaceship, USS Enterprise
  • Money ShotFacial, mouth
  • Couples FriendlyIntermediate
  • CategoriesBabes Big Dicks Blow Job Brunette Deep Throat Facial Hardcore Review Scene
  • Scene Length21:47
  • StreamingYes
  • High DefYes
  • WatermarkYes
  • ExclusiveYes
  • Streaming FormatFlash
  • Full SceneYes
  • Video CapsNo
  • DownloadableYes
  • Mobile FriendlyNo
  • Cut SceneNo
  • High Res PhotosNo
  • Video FormatsWMV | WMV | WMV | WMV
  • Video QualityHi Def | Hi Res | Medium | Low
  • File Size191 MB | 122 MB | 62 MB | 21 MB
  • Bit Rate2.10 Mbps | 1.60 Mbps | 1.05 Mbps | 296 Kpbs
  • Dimensions864x480 | 864x480 | 432x240 | 432x240
  • Members Area Description
  • Sasha Grey plays a Vulcan stricken with the "sickness". The only way she can find satisfaction is to FUCK! Captain Kirk is more then happy to oblige by plunging his cock deep into her dripping wet pink pussy!