Pornstar Alanah Rae Slapped Around By James Deen

October 7, 2010
Pornstar Alanah Rae Slapped Around By James Deen4.353

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This Brazzers Pornstar Punishment scene stars the beautiful Alanah Rae, and the award winning James Deen. It begins with Alanah, who is working in an office. James comes in to talk with her about his investments and is a little nervous about entrusting his money to her but she convinces him it’ll be great. Then it cuts to a subsequent day where James comes back to check in with Alanah, and finds the office empty, and Alanah gone. He realizes he’s been swindled and is furious. The scene cuts to Alanah in a hotel room, relaxing on the bed in lingerie and ordering room service. She takes off her bra and puts on a tight white dress which hugs every inch of her curvy body. There’s a knock on door, and when she opens it expecting room service, she’s surprised to see James. He pushes past her into the room, closes the door, and unleashes a tirade on her about how she took all his money and fucked up his life. She tells him he was stupid and to go home and earn it back. Her bitchiness puts James over the top and he can’t contain his anger any longer. He grabs Alanah and rips her dress off, her tits jiggling with the force, and he tells her she took all his money, so now he’s gonna get his money’s worth. He slaps and grabs her tits, and rubs her clit, making her moan in spite of herself. Then he roughs her up, throwing her around and spanking her ass until it’s red. He takes off her panties and shoves them in her mouth. With her eye make-up starting to run, he makes her kneel in front of him and suck his balls, then deep throat his boner and she gags as he throat bangs her. He makes her continue to say “I’m sorry” every time she takes her mouth off his cock.

It’s time for some dick, so James fucks her doggy style on the bed – you can still see her red ass cheek from the previous spanking. He fucks her hard, calls her a whore, and she tells him she’ll make his money back by sucking cock. He fucks her some more, grabbing her neck and spanking her. Then he makes her suck his toes while he rams her. He fucks her hard until she cums hard. Then he turns her around and fucks her missionary and continues to slam her. He slaps and grabs her tits, then spits on her face before rubbing her clit and making her cum again. He slaps her in the face and rams her pussy hole with his man meat. Then he throat fucks her again, pulling her hair back hard as he pushes her mouth onto his rod. Then there’s a great visual when he kneels her in front of the floor mirror to make her look at her messy self. He spits on the mirror and makes her lick it up. Then he stands her up so he can fuck her doggy style – with a great shot of them in camera view and also in the mirror. She moans and yells as he fucks her from behind, and then they move to the bed and she rides him reverse cowgirl, leaning her arms back as she bounces up and down on him. They switch to a spooning position and with her head turned around to face him, he spits into her mouth and makes her beg to swallow. James continues to fuck Alanah, and we get a goof view of her legs and ass all red from the slapping and spanking. He makes her stand up and when she goes to get on her knees he berates her and makes her get up until he commands her to kneel. And then just to prove the point he makes her get up and down several times, all the while slapping her face. Then James instructs her to suck his cock, and she deep throats him until he shoots a big cum load all over her face and into her mouth. She licks up every drop off his cock. Then she says, “We’re even now, right?”. He grabs her by the neck and throws her on the bed and says, “We’re even when I say we’re even!” and the scene fades out. Something tells me they’re not even…

This scene is definitely not for everyone. If you don’t like abusive sex that’s demeaning to women, then you should find another scene. And if you are interested in real S&M, domination, and true kink, this is not it.

Rough sex fans, don’t miss this scene. It’s full of slapping, spanking, choking, spitting and ramming. Alanah gives great deep throat. The dirty talk from both is perfect for the scene. The use of the mirror is a nice touch.

This scene is less about S&M and domination, and more about rough sex, and plenty of it (although there’s no anal.) Alanah Rae is so sexy, and James Deen plays the role well. You will either love this scene or hate it.
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  • Quality of Sex23/25
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  • Members Area Description
  • James has decided to invest all of his life saving in the stock market with the help of Alanah Rae. What James doesn't know is that Alanah plans on stealing all of his money. When the deal is done and James is shit out of luck her hires a private eye to find Alanah. When they finally meet again James finally gets to withdraw all of his funds on her poor little face.