Latin Lover Ramon Fucks McKenzee Miles

October 6, 2010
Latin Lover Ramon Fucks McKenzee Miles 4.051

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This “sex at work” porn scene is brought to us by Brazzers Big Tits At Work and stars a newcomer, the beautiful young blonde McKenzee Miles, and the tall dark and handsome stunt cock, Ramon. The scene begins with McKenzee, who is working at her desk at a U.S. immigration office. She is dressed in a sexy low cut top, tight skirt and high heels. She is expecting to meet Ramon, a Spanish resident, who had some trouble with renewing his paperwork to stay in the country. The meeting begins and Ramon tries to talk her into approving his renewal, to avoid being deported back to Spain. With his thick Spanish accent, he tries to convince her it was a big misunderstanding, but she tells him there’s no mistake, and he will have to go back to his country. He gets upset and when she comforts him he takes it as a come-on. At first McKenzee backs away but then realizes she hasn’t been touched by a man like that in a long time, and she succumbs to his romantic advances. After they make out, Ramon takes off her top so he can get a better view and feel of her big boobs. He slaps her tits around and then licks and sucks them. Then he pulls up her skirt and smacks her pussy a little bit, making her moan.

Ramon reaches his fingers inside her panties and then pulls them aside so he can finger her pussy and then lick it. Then it’s blow job time as McKenzee takes his thick uncut cock out of his pants and sucks it and titty fucks him. After taking off her panties, with her skirt pushed up around her middle, we see her all over tan. Then they move into a unique and difficult position, a standing upside down 69 – he picks her up with her head down and pussy at his face so he can eat her out while she gives him an upside down blowjob, deep throating his dick and moaning. Kudos to both for handling the difficult position with poise and making it look easy – and sexy! Then McKenzee kneels on her desk and Ramon smacks her ass and then licks her ass hole and pussy from behind. Now that he’s got her all hot and heavy he asks her if she will give him his Visa, and of course she says yes.

Ramon removes his pants and while still standing he picks her up again, this time face up so she is bouncing up and down on his cock. They move to a standing doggy style, with her leg up, high heels still on her feet. He grabs her neck and slams her into him again and again. Then Ramon lays McKenzee on the desk, puts her legs sideways and plows her pussy, grabbing her tits. He takes his cock out for a nice gapping pussy view before tongue fucking her. Then it’s back to the doggy style with her one leg up on the desk and he rams her until she cums all over his cock. Then Ramon sits on the couch so McKenzee can ride his Spanish cock reverse cowgirl (or should I say vaquera reversa?) She licks off her pussy juices and deep throats his thick cock and spits on it, before getting back on for another ride. He slams her from underneath, her legs spread wide. Then McKenzee lays backwards on the couch so Ramon can straddle and titty fuck her while she licks the tip of his man meat. He fucks her big titties until he shoots his huge load all across her face. The scene ends with “approved” being stamped on Ramon’s residency paperwork. Nicely done!

The lighting could be better. Other than the one unique position, the sexual positions are pretty basic, and the rapport between performers is average.

McKenzee Miles is a classic porn star: beautiful, blonde, tan, big fake boobs, with only a small tattoo on her lower back, and she’s the right mix of girl-next-door and slut. The upside down 69 position is worth checking out.

A solid sex scene, including a few moments of slightly rough sex, with a bit of plot to round things out. McKenzee is super hot, and will hopefully be back to do more scenes with Brazzers.
  • Score Breakdown
  • Quality of Sex17/25
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  • Acting7/10
  • Performer Looks8.5/10
  • Overall Entertainment8/10
  • Total82.5/100
  • Scene Length37:41
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  • Members Area Description
  • Ramon's residency in the U.S. expires in 3 days. He meets with McKenzee, the immigration officer, to discuss his status. She informs him that he failed to renew his residency in time, therefor he will be deported. Ramon believes that where there is a will there is a way, so he seduces the officer to try and stay in the country. Let's hope the sex is good enough to get his citizenship.