Jenna Haze has sex with Star Trek’s Mr. Spock

February 1, 2010
Jenna Haze has sex with Star Trek’s Mr. Spock5.051

This scene is taken from the Hustler parody movie entitled “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX”. It stars Jenna Haze as a horny alien, and Tony De Sergio as the Star Trek character Spock. It begins with an Enterprise team beaming onto an alien space ship. Along with requisite music, uniforms and characters from the series, this scene sets a mood quite similar to the actual show. After a quick check around the chamber, two of them beam back leaving Spock to continue exploring. Jenna Haze emerges from a sleeping cubicle with sex on her mind. She tries to convince the logical Spock that he needs some “love”, at first with words, and then with actions. Jenna kneels before him and takes his boner out of his pants. Still wearing his uniform he stands erect as does his cock while Jenna gives him a stellar blow job. She repeatedly sucks hard, spits on and deep throats his huge Vulcan space probe, all the while moaning. She uses her hands and mouth like the expert she is, and talks dirty to him while she looks into his eyes. For a moment he grabs her arm, and then tries to regain his composure, only to succumb to her alien powers again.

He can’t resist caressing her perky breast as her head bobs back and forth on his huge penis. Jenna then bends over to show a convenient hole in her silver stockings, and her pink slit peaking out. She shows off her tiny pink pussy, and Spock can no longer control himself. He rips the hole larger and inserts his large fuck stick into her hole. He slaps her ass, all while keeping the Vulcan “V” with his fingers. She puts her head down on the bed, with her ass in the air and Spock rams her from behind. She takes a moment to suck his cock, and then presents her pussy for him again, spreading those sweet pink lips for his wanton wanker. He fucks and spanks her, while she moans and says nasty things to him. She looks back at him over her shoulder and moves back and forth on his cock. Then she sucks it again, and pulls down his pants to get them out of the way. As if he reads her mind, he lays down on his back and she mounts him facing the same way. We see his thick stick go in and out of her hole, stretching it as she rides and rocks her hips back and forth. She puts her legs in the air for a moment and we see her silver stockings and boots. He rams her while she plays with her pussy. Then she turns around and mounts him the other way, squatting and riding his dick and we see her tight little ass bounce up and down as she rides him. He shoves his meaty member into her and she begs him not to stop. She goes back to sucking his cock and gets it all wet and then rides it again as he grabs her ass.

Then she licks two fingers and sticks them in her asshole as he fucks her. They move to a spoon position and we get a nice angle of Spock’s cock going into her her alien hole. He grabs her hip and slams her pussy as she talks dirty and moans. She rubs her clit and slaps it and then spreads her lips for his thick space needle. She asks him to fuck her harder. Then she goes back to sucking his cock. She licks his balls and rubs his cock up and down with her hand and then opens her mouth and sucks on the tip. She looks up into his Vulcan eyes as he jerks off and she asks for his Vulcan spunk. He complies and shoots his load all into her mouth and on her chin as she licks up every last drop. With this type of exploration, no one would ever want to say “beam me up, Scotty!”

Then ending is a bit abrupt, given the fact that this is a story-driven scene

Jenna Haze gives one of the best blowjobs in the business, and her excellent work here helps this scene transcend from “campy” to “sexy”

Quite a fine parody of the well-known Star Trek original series and a great porn scene in general. Tony De Sergio is spot-on with his Spock character, and Jenna Haze deftly walks the fine line between “space alien”, and porn star
  • Score Breakdown
  • Quality of Sex23/25
  • Video Quality/Size20/25
  • Production Quality19/20
  • Acting9/10
  • Performer Looks9/10
  • Overall Entertainment9/10
  • Total89/100
  • Scene Facts
  • Scene NameThis Ain't Star Trek XXX Jenna Haze
  • WebsiteHustler
  • NetworkHustler
  • Release Date05-26-09
  • PornstarsJenna Haze, Tony De Sergio
  • Scene TypeGirl/Boy
  • Cast Size1 female, 1 male
  • LocationSet, space ship
  • Money ShotFacial, mouth
  • Couples FriendlyBeginner
  • CategoriesBabes Big Dicks Blow Job Brunette Deep Throat Facial Hardcore Review Scene
  • Scene Length24:49
  • StreamingYes
  • High DefYes
  • WatermarkYes
  • ExclusiveYes
  • Streaming FormatFlash
  • Full SceneYes
  • Video CapsNo
  • DownloadableYes
  • Mobile FriendlyNo
  • Cut SceneNo
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  • Video FormatsWindows Media, WMV
  • Video QualityHi Def, Hi Res, Medium, High
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  • Dimensions864x480, 432x240
  • Members Area Description
  • Jenna Haze is a mysterious alien who has been dipped in Venus fluid. Therefore, all she wants to do is FUCK! She convinces the logical and emotional Spock, to fuck her silly in the name of science!